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Hi friend, thanks for stopping by.

Let's keep this short and sweet. If you're reading this there is a 95% chance that our mutual friend sent you here. That means you are DJ, artist, manager, promoter or entrepreneur looking to refresh your website from pretty good, to eff yeah!

Soooo, without further ado, let's see IF we can help you...


You want to tell Your Story.

You want your website to operate as the center of your online publishing. To act as a Professional Press Kit where most of your content can be found by your audience and partners. Youtube is great for video, Instagram for sharing photos, Facebook is amazing for latest news, and Beatport is great for selling music... But you want Your Website to be the home for all of your information to be displayed in one place.

That's where we come in...


You want your new website to look great.
Clean. Professional. Modern.

But beyond that… you want your website to connect with your audience, and to be congruent with your brand message – that means the right typography, the right colors, engaging headlines, fast loading pages, and the latest technology and design trends to help your brand stay on top of your internet marketing efforts.


You want someone to
update your website regularly

We got you covered. Have a request or new idea you want to implement? Contact us and we'll make sure it gets done. Want to promote your new product? Send us an email and we'll help you out. Need an update on your website? You get the point. We work with our partners in long term win-win relationships and driving their projects forward 24/7/365.


You want amazing business partnership and most importantly someone you can trust.

Tired of having to track down and wait for your developers to get back to you, especially when it’s crunch time and you need to get things done NOW?

We know how you feel.

When you partner with us, you can expect lightning-fast response for your requests, questions, and concerns.

That’s because we’re NOT just web designers for hire. We’re promoters, managers, and entrepreneurs who know how to design and code. And most importantly, we are in the trenches with our partners day in and day out, building out their websites, orchestrating their launches, and testing their promotions. That’s why some of the "top names" in our industry continue to choose us as their tech partner and send referrals our way.

When we join forces, you can be sure you have a team you can count on, who you can trust, and who’s there when you need them – especially when it matters most.

So, with all that said. Here's the deal...

We’ve been involved with tons of projects in our music industry since 1992, be it through projects you see on our website, or private VIP sessions, or as formal DJ's and Club/Event/Festival managers.

The experiences and out-takes are different for everyone, and we’re not referring just to website appearance.

Mostly our partners have renewed confidence, determination, and excitement about their brand. And yes, the transformation is immediate, within the week.

Many partners go as far as saying it’s a “life-changing” experience and it sets them on a path of new discoveries and business opportunities. They love the new version of their website and promo-strategy behind the website, and they embrace all with renewed vigor.

So, by now you probably wondering ABOUT  THE NUMBERS.

If you’re referred here by our mutual friend ... then we guess that you’re already familiar with the numbers and many ways of working with us.

But just in case, here’s how this works.

Every week our partners approach us with new projects and ideas that push our abilities and keep us on the cutting edge ... whenever they need to take their brand from good, to great! ... from awesome to blossom!.. from pretty good, to eff yeah!

But, although we work primarily with our partners (building out their websites, orchestrating their launches, and testing their promotions), we do occasionally open up the opportunity to work with us on ONE-OFF GIGS on an hourly basis. These GIGS start from $80/hour for small tweaks and raise for each hour of estimated work.

How those gigs works? Good question.

You got the point.

Whether you want aesthetic, functional or marketing help... you can explore our gigs to see if we can help you with your current situation.

Also, if you're siting on the fence, before you contact us you can explore our recent featured projects for inspiration ... or to decide we are a good fit.

For example:

Or just click here to open our recent projects related to the music industry to get started.


We will be delighted to discuss your needs and answer any questions.

Contact us, or let us interview you online. We will respond to your message within 24 hours…unless it’s a big weekend, then maybe give us 48.

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Tel: (+385)922168727

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