Website Makeover


The look of your site can make you, or break you. You have mere seconds to make that first impression... if it's not a good one, you've lost a potential customer.

So, What's a Website Makeover?

Let's compare it to a beauty make-over.

The stylist and make-up artist make cosmetic changes to enhance your natural beauty.

They don't make structural changes - like giving you a nose job. Instead, they figure out your best features and use their tools and color palette to highlight those features. They can't physically change your body, but they can give you a new outfit and a new look - so that you feel confident and make a strong first impression.

So, How this makeover apply to you're website?

In website terms, the content and the basic structure of your wordpress powered website remain the same. But you can get a new look or just freshen up areas that are not serving you.

Whats included

  • The specifics depend on your website goals, but we may change colors, font styling, clean-up/reformat page content, swap photos, re-position page elements, give you more dynamic headlines, and/or add a call-to-action buttons and subscribe form.

Briefing Details

What we need to start:

  • Please provide a brief including description of your goals
  • Be as descriptive as possible, the more details you provide the better
  • For this gig, we need your WP-admin login details
  • Your delivery time-frame.