Social Media Marketing


Are you using social media marketing to your advantage?  

To do so, you need someone who not only knows social media platforms like they know the alphabet, but who also knows how to develop strategies specific to various social networks, track the right metrics, and integrate the best tools and practices on those platforms.

We can manage your social media accounts by implementing strategies and tactics that grow your followers, engage and retain them, and help convert them into leads, customers, and active fans and promoters of your company. We have command of best practices and trends in social media marketing, enjoy being creative, and understand how to both build and convert a digital audience.

Whats included

  • Build and manage your company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and additional channels that may be deemed relevant.
  • Create shareable content appropriate for specific networks to spread both your brand and your content.
  • Monitor and engage in relevant social discussions about your company, competitors, and/or industry, both from existing leads and customers as well as from brand new audiences.
  • Run regular social promotions and campaigns and track their success.
  • Work alongside other marketers and content marketers to help distribute content that educates and entertains your audience and supports marketing goals.
  • Drive consistent, relevant traffic and leads from your social network presence.
  • Explore new ways to engage and identify new social networks to reach your target buyers.
  • Track, measure, and analyze all initiatives to report on social media ROI.

Briefing Details

  • Contact us today & together we will get your project off the ground!
  • Remember that even a free consultation gives you valuable experience.