Internet Marketing Strategy


Many organizations are doing digital marketing, but they don’t have a strategy. The reality is that digital channels are still relatively new and fast-changing — so many businesses haven’t responded adequately.

We believe that businesses need to first define a Digital Marketing Plan that defines the digital channel strategy for each major market/proposition, and provides focus and direction for the future. Additionally, the plan will quantify the case for investment in digital marketing. At that point, an organization can move to a better integrated approach where digital is part of the overall marketing strategy.

Our methods are simple & reliable. We don’t focus on the market to simply fit you in, we analyze it & create a suitable spot for you.

Whats included

  • At first, we will research your target audience & try to give some answers for next questions: 1) Who are they? 2) How do they think? 3) What do they do?
  • After that we will make deep analysis your main competitor in organic, paid search & social media niche. And we will prepare full report with recommendation.
  • Based on previously steps we will make SWOT analysis & find your strengths & weaknesses.
  • And in the last step we will develop promotion strategy with Goals for your website. In our strategy we use SOSTAC marketing planning model.

SOSTAC stands for:

  • Situation – where are we now?
  • Objectives – where do we want to be?
  • Strategy – how do we get there?
  • Tactics – how exactly do we get there?
  • Action – what is our plan?
  • Control – did we get there?

Briefing Details

  • Contact us today & together we will get your project off the ground!
  • Remember that even a free consultation gives you valuable experience.