Hosting/Domain Migration


You have a website on WordPress Platform. You looking to Migrate/Transfer your WordPress from the old host to new host, you might feel that crack (Files and database) while migrating from one host to another. Don't worry we will help you out.

Whats included

  • Migration of your WordPress website to your new host.
  • Move everything, including the look and feel of your site. Size doesn’t matter.

Briefing Details

What we need to get started:

  • Kindly provide the necessary details as much as possible to help speeding up the process.
  • For this gig we need your login details (WP-admin, old and new cPanel access).
  • Also, let us know your delivery time-frame.



  About Gigs
Sometimes you don’t need a complete makeover of your current website. Perhaps you would like to make content updates or add new features? Maybe there are parts of a website that need to be redone? Whether the changes are aesthetic or functional, we can freshen up your website exactly how you'd like it to. Prices start from $80/hour for small tweaks and raise for each hour of estimated work.